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A large vocabulary is the most noticeable performance characteristic shared by successful professionals. A full understanding of the words we encounter enables us to reflect the culture at large, which values oral expression of past and current events.

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By AT staff editor
ordWealth is designed for those who enjoy and appreciate the importance of learning new words. It is designed for those who know that only by increasing one’s vocabulary can we increase our command of English and proportionately our ability to communicate. This site is both for people whose native tongue is English as well as those who are studying English as a second language because they realize that in this age – to not be able to speak English when the entire world of business has chosen it as its de facto communication 'standard' – is to needlessly create for ourselves possibly insurmountable roadblocks to success.

In other words, WordWealth is for word-lovers! People who want to upsize and refine their effective and permanent word powers. Our goal will be to focus on word selections for you that produce a creative learning experience.

Why do we name this site 'WordWealth'? Because WordWealth means having command of words that can distinguish you from poor communicators; powerful words can help bring you the wealth you seek. Wealth can be defined as many different things; a good career opportunity, the pride of owning beautiful possessions, or essentially anything that has utility and is capable of being appropriated or exchanged. Knowing which words to use and how to use them is key to getting the most from one's mind. Anyone who can communicate effectively and easily with poise is certainly going be more successful than someone who treats the art of communication with little respect or expectation. A strong vocabulary is the most noticeable performance characteristic shared by executives and successful professionals.


'Repetition with assiduous reading is a mother of learning.'


The words we use, how we pronounce them and how we deliver them cause people to form lasting, often unchangeable, perceptions of us within seconds of our opening our mouths to speak—usually within ten seconds. Many people worry terribly about their grooming and fancy clothes, but never realize that it is far more likely that the words tumbling out of their mouths are the basis upon which they are being judged. Certainly, being well groomed is important, but being able to express yourself with a well-chosen word that accurately relates to the context of a conversation and reveals the excellence of your mind will prove far more interesting to truly intelligent individuals.

You will find that the greater command of words that WordWealth fosters will also help you in preparing for your SAT and TOEFL test.

In order to achieve word mastery, we employ wide ranging reference sources taking into account how people learn and remember. If a word is worth learning, it's worth re-exploring it until you get it Got it?

Our word lists will continually expand over time yielding more cross-references that will suggest ways a word can be used. Therefore, it is important to review our selections frequently. The more often you see words you’ve learned, the easier it will be to remember them. Repetition with assiduous reading is a mother of learning.

We would like you, your families and friends or associates to get involved. If you find a new word that we (and everyone who is a word lover should know), please send it to us. We strongly encourage you to give us feedback. The more we share the better informed we will all be.


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If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. But if you work harder on yourself than you do on your job, you can make a fortune. —— Jim Rohn, American business philosopher


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